Tilebytes is an innovative start-up: it produces smart study and environmental analysis systems through scientific research and industrial development. Tilebytes aims for this goal by local and big data processing thanks to scientific and A.I. support

Our Mission

We want to help accelerate awareness about the climate change problem because the commitment on the part of a few is no longer enough.

But stop with words now!

We have a bad habit: we study, analyze, verify and look for the most innovative tools to solve a “simple issue”:

Human activity environmental impact.

That’s a time or species matter not to Nature, but to Human Beings.

The issue is the same for an urban area and a public or private productive system.

Nature does not ask for your ID card

and is already looking for someone ready to adapt to new climate and environmental conditions who could replace us.

The challenge.

That is to contribute to create a harmonized and sustainable environmental system by integrating data, events and urban and productive systems needs, through scientific research support, the best digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

What do we do

We support the pursuit of our partners environmental compatibility through innovative systems aimed at improving everyday life quality in urban areas and industrial decision-making processes by implementing and supporting environmental intelligence at any stage in the procedure.

Real-time complex systems with hardware and software infrastructure

Mobile and fixed monitoring networks, terrestrial and maritime.

Real-time and historical data management

Local and satellite Data

Decision making scientific support

Our main goal?


Zero is a complex result.

Gather every individual, group and community environmental impact


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